Viorel Florin Costea

Viorel Florin Costea

Acrylic Mixed Media Collage

100cm x 100cm


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Mixed media painting (with some elements of collage) on a plastic panel: acrylic paint, colored acrylic sprays, especially cropped and painted cardboard, some other fine fragments of printed inscriptions from various magazines, newspapers, etc. I've made a composition combining imagination with my dizziest fantasies... as a homage for the exuberant world of the first pioneers of the avant-garde, the Dadaists - for example, 75HP (Horsepower) was one of the best Dadaist/avant-gardist magazines - November 1924, Bucharest, just one issue, edited by Ilarie Voronca, Stéphane Roll and Victor Brauner. Brauner and Voronca contributed their picto-poetry, non-figurative oil paintings with words culled from dada-futurist vocabulary and manipulated into geometric forms.

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