"Today I Died"

Boris Pecigos

Boris Pecigos

Acrylic on Canvas

80cm x 120cm


Description of the artwork: What did the ancient people leave carved on stone stelae of distant Caucasus? What kind of thoughts they were preoccupied with in encounter with transience? How do these thoughts resonate in verses of contemporary poets who have not denied the mortality nor turned their head at the mere mention of finality of existence? And how did I artistically interprete this eternal taboo?

The cycle of paintings titled “Post mortem” is inspired by old Azerbaijani epitaphs on tombstones from the 16th and 17th century. In ten scenes I deal with my own mortality and the fear of it, with issues of meaning(lessness) of existence, and by the way I nicely buried some of my lifeless and already half-decomposed corpses of beliefs.

The painting "Today I Died" is from the "Post mortem" series painted in 2013 in acrylic medium on canvas measuring 80 x 120 cm. It is not framed, but its 3.8 cm thick edges are painted and there's a hook for hanging, so the painting can go directly to the wall.

It is written on the painting:

"Today I died.
(Verses from the poem “Today I Died” written by me)
Language of the painting's inscription is Croatian, and script is Arabic and/or Latin.

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