"Through the Chimeras - to the Skies!"

Irina Sumanenkova

Irina Sumanenkova

Ink Pen on Paper

40cm x 26cm


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Original artwork, one of a kind Located in the artist studio The way to the spiritual perfection is difficult, it is passing through the struggle with the inner chimeras and it is not always finishing happily for ourselves, as well as for the people around us. My favorite technique for black and white works is a sketch marker, I use 0.05 mm and 0.1 mm in diameter only. This marker draws by pigment ink with alcohol, that`s why it dries almost immediatly.

After the idea came, I begin to collect the information, chose elements for a composition, then drawing construction stage begins on paper. The hatching process is the most laborious, because my finished work looks like lithography, only it was made by hand directly on paper. Moving the line along, I have to keep in mind what I am hatching now: a face, an architecture, a cloud, a tree bark or a sky - in order to depict any surface most naturally. After the main objects are finished, I can go on with surroundings, following up that every single line helps me to highlight the main characters and sculpt the another surface at the same time. That`s why the sky came in the last turn - it`s role not to interfere in composition most of the time, it`s just express the mood.

That`s why 3 square centimetres take 1 hour. The main difference between this technique and oil painting is that here I don`t have much opportunity to correct, if something went wrong. Everything should be executed from the first time. It can be only lighten or darken a little in a small spots, that`s all. This is the last stage - to conform the whole work, to harmonize everything in it. Share the image of original drawing ,,Through the chimeras - to the skies!

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