"The Magic Square of Love"

Boris Pecigos

Boris Pecigos

Mixed Media on Canvas

20cm x 20cm


Description: This painting, actually a mandala, is inspired by the magic square with 5×5 fields in which the sum of the numbers in each row, each column and diagonals is 65. When the digits of the number 65 are summed, the number 11 is obtained, representing twice as strong vibrational frequency of number one, as well as vibration of number two (1+1=2). Eleven is the number of equilibrium, partnership and love (1 and 1 are next to each other, and when summed they give 2, the symbol of love couple). Eleven represents also the balance of emotions and thoughts, male and female aspects, work and play, etc., and higher ideals, invention, refinement, visionary, psychic abilities, channeling, being medium, the door between worlds, the enlightenment… The numbers in the magic square are written in Arabic script.

25 13 01 19 07

16 09 22 15 03

12 05 18 06 24

08 21 14 02 20

04 17 10 23 11

This painting was painted in 2018 in mixed media (acrylic, 25 plastic rings, 11 nails) on canvas measuring 20 x 20 cm. It is not framed, but its 2 cm thick edges are painted, and there’s a hook for hanging, so the painting can go directly to the wall.

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