"The Bliss of a Re-Union"

Mauro Ricco Zaraj

Mauro Ricco Zaraj

Oil and Acrylic Colours on Stretched Canvas

90cm x 90cm


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"From the collectIon "" THE DIVINE FEMININE ALCHEMY"" „This is a showcase of a feminine power manifested through love, grace, allowance, strength, compassion and wisdom. This is the WAY for creating an abundant, happy and healthy lifestyle. Masculine energy allone bring destruction, but when the feminine enter the game then harmony and balance reign your LIFE. Feminine energy is not about women, it is about men and women achieving the inner connection with the source of all, LOVE. The feminine energy is the GOLDEN KEY for bringing HEAVEN ON EARTH. This key is within yourself hidden deep inside your sacred heart. Find that key, open your true inheritance and live an amazing, fulfilling and abundant life. HAKUNA MATATA."

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