"Tears of the Weak"

Min Zou

Min Zou

Ink on Rice Paper

50cm x 34cm / 19.7 inches x 13.4 inches


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The tears of the weak are light and pure, although there may be a trace of helplessness. The people at the bottom of society are generally kind, perhaps they do not have much ability and so-called talent. Over the years, I have traveled to the hardest places, eating plain food and wearing the most simple clothes. In those days in Tibet, I hardly slept well for more than 10 days because of altitude sickness. In the Tibetan plateau at an altitude of 5000 meters, I couldn't bear it because of altitude sickness. A poor old Tibetan farmer gave me two cups of hot milk tea, and I survived. But some so-called high-ranking people who feel good about themselves are really arrogant and domineering. Some government workers do not serve the people at all, and they ride on the people. If there is an afterlife, I still choose to be a kind person, clear and light, calm and quiet, and I don't want to be treacherous and cunning.

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