"Revolution No 1"

Viorel Florin Costea

Viorel Florin Costea

Acrylic Mixed Media Collage

80cm x 80cm


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Mixed media collage: acrylic paints & sprays, colored chalk and permanent markers, ink, metallic contours (gold), various fragments (cardboard and paper) from old newspapers and magazines, a piece of oilcloth (30 x 30 centimeters), etc. A vision about Dadaism, you know, the Revolution Number One, from February 1916 - Zurich, Tristan Tzara, Hugo Ball, Richard Huelsenbeck, Marcel Iancu and so on. I have, I always had, a deep nostalgy and a big interest in this artistic movement because of their revolt against the insanity of world war one, about the boring status of the arts at that moment and, of course, because of a lot of many other reasons...

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