"Orman Tree No.15"

Boris Pecigos

Boris Pecigos

Acrylic on Canvas Cardboard

15cm x 10cm


Description - "Orman Trees are painting miniatures depicting the mystical trees. These paintings represent my emotional impressions of trees and their energy; for this reason the depiction of trees is abstracted, expressive and surreal. Trees symbolize strength and the renewal of life, growth, the rise and expansion, beauty and wisdom. Rooted in the ground and aimed at the sky, trees have always aroused admiration by the people, teaching them about the unbreakable connection between earthly and heavenly world, between material and spiritual, and between temporary and eternal. The Sacred Tree, the Tree of Life and the World Tree are the ancient symbols of many people. Along the tree, other primal mystical symbols (spirals, circles, squares, sun, stars, etc.) often appear in my paintings of this series.

Orman Tree No. 14 is painted in 2017 in acrylic medium on canvas cardboard measuring 15 x 10 cm.

The painting is not framed. I recommend that you frame it without the glass. You should paste it (glue it) on the passepartout (the mount) so the painting is sticking out from the passepartout surface and its painted edges are visible. The passepartout should be at least 1 cm wide between each side of the painting and the frame."

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