Marina Venediktova

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Marina Venediktova

Oil on Linen Canvas (400 g/m)

110cm x 110cm / 43.3 inches x 43.3 inches


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The painting appeared in my mind when I listened to one of the greatest and most mysterious pieces of music of the 20th century. This is a symphonic cantata for choir "Carmina Burana". The composer Karl Orff combined 25 separate fragments into a single concert. And the first piece was named "OH FORTUNA".

The lyrics of all the songs were created in the 13th century by the Vagantas - itinerant singers and poets, recorded and decorated with illustrations by the monks of the Bavarian monastery. All the texts are very vital - lyrical love serenades and romances, drinking songs, funny parodies.

On the first page was a picture of the wheel of fortune. In the center is the figure of the Goddess of Fate. When the wheel rotates, the person depicted on the rim of the wheel finds himself in different positions. Fortune spins the wheel at random, each of us was convinced of this many times in our lives. You can make friends with Fortune, become her chosen one, admiring the subtle charm of her image in the picture. She will feel your love and reciprocate.

I am confident that this elegant interior painting will fill the space of my new home with its luxurious image. The sides of the painting are painted, so there is no need to frame the painting with a frame. The size of the painting is 110 * 110 cm and plus the painted edges are 4 cm on each side.

The painting is ready to be sent in a roll in a tube, but according to a preliminary agreement, I can pull it on a stretcher, which will require additional postage. Made on high-quality canvas (100% linen), canvas density 400 gr / meter. Used the best Russian oil paints produced in Russia, the city of St. Petersburg. I did not attach the hangers on the back side, and I will attach them to the package.

The painting is accompanied by a certificate of copyright issued in Russia by the city of St. Petersburg.

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