"Multiverse 2"

Catia Goffinet

Catia Goffinet

Acrylic on Canvas

184cm x 145cm / 72.4 inches x 57 inches


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What if the Multiverse concept really is a reality and not just a theory? A set of possible universes, including the universe we live in. The Multiverse comprises everything that exists: the totality of space, time, matter, energy and the known and unknown laws of physics. This subject haunts my mind and senses since childhood. The idea that the observable universe is just a part of physical reality fascinates me I wonder if all the probabilities and combinations can actually occur in this infinity of parallel universes. The idea that we live in a 'multiverse' composed of an infinite number of parallel universes has, for many years, been considered a scientific possibility. Inside me this reality is part of what I am.

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