"Mini Mandala #174"

Boris Pecigos

Boris Pecigos

Acrylic on Canvas Cardboard

10cm x 10cm


"My mandalas don’t follow the oriental artistic depiction present on traditional mandalas, but they are in the square form, and the center point and radial balance of the motif are usually present. Artistic expression is uniquely mine, using the mysticism of ancient symbols (spirals, circles, sun, stars, etc.), and sometimes an old Croatian Glagolitic script and Arabic alphabet. Some of my mandalas have philosophical, metaphysical or spiritual message vowen into them.

Mandala (Sanskrit circle) is originally a Buddhist and Hindu symbol, a mystical diagram used in meditation. It refers to circular or square images with a center, that are drawn, painted or modeled. Their purpose is to help a meditating person to exclude all that is outside, to concentrate on what is illustrated within the mandala’s circle, to create his “sacred space”, and to enter the state of trance.

In the West, the mandala drawing was popularized by psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung as a means of stabilizing and integrating inner self.

Today, this is a generic term that denotes any diagram or regular, radially symmetrical geometric drawing that symbolizes the concept of a universe in a symbolic or metaphysical way.

Mini-mandala was painted in acrylic medium on a thin canvas cardboard measuring 10x10 cm. Mandala is not framed."

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