"Maternal Instinct"

Elena Soroka

Elena Soroka

Oil on Canvas, Paper

60cm x 80cm


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Where does a woman get the thought: “I want a child”? There are many options, and they all relate to acquired (not even innate) social needs. In a patriarchal society, an ideology is cultivated about motherhood as a woman's destiny. A woman can fully realize herself in society, only by fulfilling this purpose. Otherwise, in the eyes of others, she will be considered a failure. Pity at best, contempt at worst. Nobody wants to be a failure, does anyone? Therefore, in the minds of girls from childhood, the belief has taken root: "I can realize myself only through childbirth, I must give birth." And deep inside my soul, fear nests: what if I can't find a suitable partner with whom I can realize my "higher destiny"? I will be considered a loser, not a woman. And a woman very often, driven by this fear, grabs the first more or less suitable partner and gives birth from him. And it doesn't matter that the characters of the partners do not converge. That there is a high probability of scattering in the very first years of marriage, if not yet at the stage of pregnancy. The fear of being undelivered is stronger than the fear of being left alone with a child in her arms or being held hostage by a tyrannical tyrant. And this is not the notorious "maternal instinct", it is the result of reproductive social pressure. The result of education. Society manipulatively transforms its needs to increase the human population into a woman's “highest duty”.

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