"Frying Flower and Lupins"

Olga Sedykh

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Olga Sedykh

Oil on Canvas

60cm x 40cm


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An extraordinary sensation from the sight of the beauty of glades with Frying flower and colorful lupines that grow just like that, in the wild. What a beauty, dreams come true !!! The first thoughts that were born when I entered the clearing, as there were no words. I really wanted to capture all this magic, but they convinced me that I would not take Frying flower home, but I really want to. I took a chance and got a bunch of roasts and a bunch of lupines, apparently they really wanted to get to the picture that they arrived in a suitcase! I bought a porcelain figurine at a local flea market, a dancing girl in a bright headscarf came in very handy, emphasizes my joy at the beauty of a glade of extraordinary flowers.

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