"Free to Dream?"

Mairon Almeida

Mairon Almeida

Acrylic on Cardboard

60cm x 45cm x 6cm


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Free to Dream? - the paint is embossed. How much freedom does the individual really have? This question was posed before, but today, with everything that has happened in the world, the question of what freedom really is has become even greater. What really matters? In this case in which we live today, freedom becomes a risk, jail would actually be liberation. In fact, an invisible enemy has mastered us. We can take the situation negatively or reflect on what we really do with our life and what we really consider important. What freedom should we have today? Do you believe in your freedom? I used cheerful colors, I made a picture in the form of an illustration. I transformed the question into a simple drawing to bring the reflection. Look, admire, feel the details. Be Happy!

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