"Four Wishes"

Marina Venediktova

Marina Venediktova

Oil on Linen Canvas (380 g/m)

80cm x 80cm x 4cm


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The artist's idea in the picture… I devote all my creativity to the mysteries of the Universe, to its boundless riddles and to the labyrinths of its secrets. My work proceeds in two parallel ways: an Artist and an Astrologist-consultant. And thanks to the study of the planets and immersion in the space of the boundless cosmos, I can see new stories and convey them in my paintings.

There are 4 significant dates in each annual cycle. Their strength can be compared to the 4 corner points of a square, the precision and sharpness of which builds its entire shape. These are the days of the most powerful energy of the year. It is worth looking into the ethnic traditions of any ancient people, and you will see that in these 4 dates happens important ritual holidays and services to the higher powers of heaven and earth.

Spring Equinox / Autumnal Equinox / Summer Solstice / Winter Solstice

The corner points of the year have such an embodying power that if you make a wish for the next 3 months and take small steps to fulfill it, it will definitely happen in time for the next corner point of the year, that is, within 90 days.

My painting FOUR WISHES contains a reminder of this amazing process, of the four energies that are born every season. When the picture is in your space and you hang it on the wall of your room or office, then before your eyes there will always be a wish made by you. You will place it mentally in one of the 4 circles and nourish it with the warmth of your heart.

The picture is painted with active live strokes, it feels the play and movement of colors. The oil environment is displayed by the fluidity of its texture. The plot of the picture moves, changes and adapts to your mood.

The sides of the picture are the continuation of the image, so you do not need to place the picture in a frame (thickened subframe 4 cm (1,58 inches))

Made on high-quality canvas (100% cotton), canvas density 380 gr / meter, stretched on a 3D high quality wooden stretcher frame (side bar thickness 4 cm (1,58 inches)). Used the best Russian oil paints produced in Russia, the city of St. Petersburg.

Keywords - Abstraction, Surrealism, Fine Art, large oil painting, abstract, riddle, mystery, universe, surrealism, vivid painting, orange, yellow, blue, sky, circle, space.

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