Sokratis Evgenidis

Sokratis Evgenidis

Oil on Canvas

80cm x 80cm


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The term DNA refers to the total genetic material found in every cell of the body of a living organism. This is a complete set of coded instructions for creating and keeping of life. The human genome is characteristic of all people, but also of each individual, as it differs from person to person. The difference between humans is due to the diversity of the human genome and its uniqueness. DNA is 99.9% the same in all humans. The difference between the remaining 0.1% is due to the differences between them. This differentiation, as it arises accidentally and effortlessly from nature and makes each person unique, is a fundamental and integral element of its value. Protecting human value makes it imperative to recognize the importance of human DNA and protect it for the benefit of future generations. In short, we hold life in our hands!

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