"Convergent or Divergent 2 - Deep Blue"

Catia Goffinet

Catia Goffinet

Acrylic on Canvas

160cm x 120cm / 63 inches x 47.2 inche


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Despite being opposite things, they start from the same concept. What is convergent runs in parallel in the same direction while what is divergent moves away and leads to the opposite. Something similar occurs with our thoughts. At times there are divergent thoughts where the objective is to find the greatest possible number of solutions to a problem as opposed to convergent thinking, which consists of finding a single solution appropriate to a problem. During our lives we navigate convergent and divergent thoughts that keep us apart or closer to our true will and what we really are. This artwork is signed on the back because it can be placed both horizontally and vertically. If requested, it will be signed up front.

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