Renu Bala

Renu Bala

Wood and Metal

61cm x 30.5cm


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My work is based on memories and society, I have been trying to represent my day to day activities through my work of art. I believed that the learning process for everyone starts from birth and we understand and learn the human relations around us and observe it through our activities (perception).

As a sculpturist, Renu is interested in creating art that is experiential, interactive and constantly changing and in this way may bring about a state of reverie or trance in the viewer

Sculpture making has been the hall mark of her career and she is captivated by the human form, by the way that a gesture can speak to us, while my sculpted figures convey authentic human emotions and relationships, they serve as an archetype that transcends the context of their stories

Renu create sculptures that explores spiritual truth through simplicity and beauty.She believes that the emotional weight of a sculpture is best expressed through the gestures. Renu sculptures capture the essential meaning of a story and speak to her on multiple levels while the creative process is deeply personal - an expression of Renu's life journey, her conviction and struggles - she is discovering herself and the world in new light as she sculpts in bronze, wood and stones.

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