"Boundless Feelings II"

Min Zou

Min Zou

Oil on Linen

70cm x 40cm


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""The pure artist is so pure, Pure and fair, Spotless mind, A most simple and pure and beautiful soul; When secular people are feasting and bustling, The artist has a simple meal, a tranquil state of mind, and writes a chapter of life. When secular people are clamoring for worldly gains and losses, The artist's heart is as clear as water, recounting the philosophy of life; When secular people groan and suffer a lot, and when they complain and are willing to fall, The artist quietly composes the best poems for the world and encourages others; The artist quietly dedicates what he/she knows to the world and enlightens the minds of the world. Tell people: a broad and pure heart is the most beautiful, which is the only thing a person can really have." "

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