"Art of Bug (mini 30)"

Elena Soroka

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Elena Soroka

Mixed Media / Oil on Canvas

30cm x 30cm


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The artwork is signed on the back and accompanied with a certificate of authenticity. The canvas is stretched on a wooden frame and artwork is ready to hang. Framing is not required. The work is covered with a protective varnish layer. I am concatenating three symbols: - Ikat ornament (my identity), - the glitch effect (which I compare to social change), - the feminist movement (the engine of these changes). These three symbols, having a different nature, are reduced to one - the Art of Bug. "Glitch“ is translated to "error, crash, bug". Glitch art is an error raised to the rank of art. The social meaning of this concept is important to me. The destruction of stereotypes, resistance to tradition is a failure of the familiar system, this is a social glitch. It's glitch. The feminist movement, from the point of view of the patriarchal tradition, is precisely such a system breakdown - a social glitch. The system requires impeccable reproduction of its algorithms, raising the ideal image to the rank of absolute. Feminism rejects the patriarchal interpretation of the ideal. Feminism transforms this bug of conveying the ideal image into the art. The Art of Bug.

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