"Animals Matter - Raven"

John Adams

Acrylic on Metal

80cm x 75cm / 31.5 inches x 29.5 inches


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Living where I do in a busy little sea side town it might be easy to think of the crow as a scavenger. If one takes the time to observe crows, chuffs, ravens or jackdaws, I see them as fascinating clever, social, noisy, characters. They look after each other and when you observe their social interaction in their rookeries, its really incredible. The one thing I can compare it to is a children's playground, they chatter and squawk so much, they almost seem excited to be alive I am hooked I want to know them more although I wouldn't want them hanging around my house. What I am saying is I kind of love crows, this painting is one I am very fond of, its special.

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