"Angel Suriel"

Elena Parau

Elena Parau

Acrylic Impasto on Canvas

50cm x 40cm


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Suriel, the angel of spring, is an angel of healing and is also known as a loving and benevolent angel of death. He was the source of Moses’ incredible knowledge. In recognition of their bond, God sent Suriel to escort Moses’ soul into heaven. Suriel is also considered an angel of protection. He can help protect and beautify your home and will help you feel the presence of love in your life. He has the ability to manifest anything from nothing. Suriel will show you how to focus your mind so you can harness your own inner creativity. He will help you express your divinity so you can transform any of your limitations into incredible assets. Having him in your home, he will remind you that you are part of a wonderful system of perfection.

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