"22:18 100920"

Inov Fauzi

fresInov Fauzi

Digital painting on Samsung Note

29.7cm x 21cm


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A previous body of work that involved meticulous process – which, had somehow led to a medical issue of temporomandibular joint disorder – had to be ended prematurely. As a result I had to find an art-making method that I could better work with. It so happened that this period of transition occurred in the Covid-19 outbreak. As social mobility was regulated and people were confined to their homes, perhaps more than ever, people have been exposed to the screens of their gadgets and computers, both for work and entertainment. During these times I started playing more with the drawing function in my Samsung Note application. Apparently the feature had always been there, but I never used it due to its inconvenient interface. However, an update to the app made it more intuitive to use, and so I then began to create pieces that can be referenced to Abstract Expressionism, with obvious contextual differences. While Jackson Pollock would flamboyantly swing his whole arm to drip paints on large stretches of canvas in his large studio in a post-war world, I would just swipe my fingers on the 5-inch screen of my modest entry-level phone while sitting in my two-seater sofa in front of TV reports of increasing Covid casualties.

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