Why Use ArtBaazar's Services?

Why ArtBaazar?

At ArtBaazar our goal is help artists reach a broader online art viewing audience. We aim to promote your artwork and artistic profile to the highest standards possible, giving your art a voice that connects with our online art buying community. We strongly believe that you are best served by dedicating time to your art, whilst we support your creativity through promotion and marketing.

Our online service is streamlined in a manner that keeps you up to date on any developments regarding customer queries, sales, commissions, deliveries and payments. We are open to promoting any art exhibitions you hold, solo and group shows, and keep our art buyers informed of any new works added to our online platform through marketing campaigns, newsletters, blogs and various social media tools etc. 

What do we look for in an Artist?

We are dedicated to promoting unique, contemporary, and talented Artists from around the world. Our aim is to work with Artists who have a clear artistic philosophy and who are committed to the ongoing development of their skills. We are open to various styles and mediums, for us it is about showcasing work that holds artistic talent, vision and execution.

What type of Artists are we looking for?

We are looking for Painters, Sculptors, Fine Art Photographers, Digital Media artists and much much more. Please don’t hesitate to submit your art for us to consider!

Why should you sell on artbaazar.com?

By showcasing your work through artbaazar.com you are increasing exposure to engaged Art Collectors. We do not ask for exclusivity on your artworks but do ask that you work with us in a transparent and open manner. 

Is there a fee to submit work on artbaazar.com?

There is no fee to submit your artwork, nor do we charge an annual subscription. We do, however, have a commission structure in place, where our artist receives 70% commission on the listed sale price of any art works sold through our website.

Will potential buyers know that it is my work?

Absolutely. Every artist will have their own unique artists page, as well as having their work including in other collections such as Oil Paintings, Acrylics, Abstract, Figurative etc. Part of our mission is to promote and market your work, whilst also fostering relationships between Artists and Art Collectors. We see this as essential to the success of the relationship in the long term and firmly believe that transparency and openness can only serve to enhance your artistic reputation.  

Will Artbaazar promote the artwork featured on the website?

Yes, Artbaazar does actively promote our website and featured artists through the use of newsletters, direct marketing campaigns and social media tools etc.