Why Do I Paint - Nataliya Bagatskaya

Why do I paint?

Because, most importantly, I am happy to have the freedom to do what I love - to create, to rejoice with my creativity of other people, but to be myself. Being full of ideas that can be clearly represented, it is incredibly enjoyable when something that originally existed only in my mind, thoughts, images, and then appears on canvas..

I enjoy the infinite opportunity to study, to have the opportunity to choose projects that concern me and to be able to express myself, as nobody else can, express my world on canvas. I feel like putting a little of my soul on every canvas, and then all the fear and trouble just disappear..

And seeing the picture, a person can touch the heart and soul of the artist. I am glad that my work is recognized by other artists and I am able to say everything I want without any censorship. Having a list of expectations of high-paying clients who want my work, I share the rest with myself and my outlook, so happy to see when someone gets my picture, which is then in the homes of people where they can enjoy it every day..

Having the opportunity to support myself through my art, I am glad to travel to interesting places of the world for exhibitions and I am confident that I would still be engaged in art even when I am a millionaire ....