What is your Refund Policy?

If you are not totally satisfied with any work bought through www.artbaazar.com, you can receive a full refund in line with our Terms and Conditions of Use (excluding delivery costs) by returning the artwork within 14 days of initial receipt of the work from the artist. However, in the case of a return you will be liable to pay the costs of shipping in both directions - covering the costs of the initial delivery of the work to you and its safe and secure return to the artist.

Please note that ArtBaazar.com represents artists from many different geographical locations and countries, which can cause the delivery / return costs to fluctuate accordingly.

Please be aware that the cost of delivery / return can differ dependant on the directions the item travels and delivery service chosen. 

These costs are regulated by the delivery service provider and www.artbaazar.com cannot be held responsible for any differences in these charges as it is dependent on third party services and prices.

You, as the buyer will be responsible for the cost of returning the work, securely packaged in its original condition and for covering the costs of insurance during its transit.