My Process of Work - Carolyn Pack

I choose my source photograph based on visual appeal and to express the image and method of technique. In "Boy in the News" I learned to transfer print onto the canvas as newsprint. I used a specific color technique to create in oil the transparency of back lit pettles in the painting "Amorylis."

I decide the canvas dimensions relative to my composition. I cover the surface with a turpentine wash, followed when dry with a block in with one neutral color to create the composition as a tonal range. I then measure the canvas in line into four equal parts as a guide. I loosely paint the background a soft color relative to the work's color group and carefully paint in the image defining from the block in and adding limited color from large areas into smaller and finally detail. I work from complimentary colors tonally to develop skin color and a palette. I develop detail referring to the source image depending on required accuracy and comparing areas and color temperature. I find the composition and the structure and anatomy by sight. I do not use projections or other methods as I desire the work to be completely my own.

I work three to five hours with one break. I paint up to eighteen hours a week. After every session I photograph the painting to add to the work's album to see the progress. Recently I've shared some of these images to friends to show the progress of the work. They become a part of my creative process.

When complete I share the image on media and look towards my next painting.