How to Apply to be considered for Artist of the Week?

Each week we promote the work of one particular Artist on our Home Page as 'Artist of the Week' - if you wish to apply or nominate a particular artist please contact us directly with the following information via email at

  • Subject line - Artist of the Week: ['Artwork Name'] by [Artist]
  • Your name
  • The name of the piece that you would like to submit
  • A link to the art work on our online art gallery
  • A 100 word introduction, in English, about the artwork- you may want to write about the concept behind the work, what inspires you as an artist, as well as brief description as to how the work was created.
  • The nominated artist must have a minimum of 6 works available for sale / promotion through

We take the following criteria into account when choosing Artist of the Week:

  • Subject Matter
  • Quality of Artwork Previously Submitted 
  • Media, Genre, Style & Technique
  • Topical Issues

Please note that due to the number of applications we receive we cannot respond to each application individually and we will also only accept one application per artist, per week.

You will receive email notification when your work has been selected to be featured.