How much will I receive for Sales of my Artwork through ArtBaazar?

ArtBaazar pays Artists 70% of the sale price provided when submitting their artwork. Artbaazar takes commission on a percentage basis for sales completed through the ArtBaazar platform, as defined in our Sellers Commission Policy in Clause 7.2, which is subject to change and incorporated into these Terms by reference.

In the event of any change to the Seller Commission Policy, ArtBaazar will provide you with at least 14 days’ notice by posting the changes on the site. Your Seller Commission for any given order is the total sale price paid by the Customer less the total commission due to Artbaazar, fees and taxes due on the order as defined in our Seller Commission Policy.

Unless otherwise expressly agreed by you, any site-wide discounts and promotions offered to customers on the ArtBaazar platform will be absorbed by ArtBaazar in full and not affect in any way your Supplier Commission. The only exception to this are artist-generated discount codes generated by artists themselves.