How do I submit my Artwork?

How do I submit my Art?

Email the following information to

  • Images of your work (JPG, PNG) with title, date of completion, dimensions (HxWxD), media used, platform and selling price;
  • Brief Bio (200 words max); Brief Statement (200 words max); and a link to your online portfolio.
  • If you have an Artist CV and List of Exhibitions, both solo and group shows, please feel free to include
  • You can include a brief summary of each artwork submitted
  • Only digital submissions will be accepted. If we have issues with the quality and require much higher quality images from you, we will inform you by email.

Guidelines for Submitting Images of your Artwork highly recommends that you provide us with images of the highest possible standards when it comes to resolution and pixel quality. This helps enhance the overall buying process for our online art community, as it allows them to better appreciate the quality of the work, helping highlight the brush strokes and the minute detail which when combined help to ensure buyer confidence in your work. 

If you wish to submit more than one image of a work, please feel free to do so, however reserve the right to choose what they perceive to be the image best suited to listing on our website. 

When submitting digital images of your artwork to we ask that you follow the procedure below - 

Please give each uploaded image a file name, the file name cannot contain the following characters - * ? \ / : " < >

Please upload images in the following digital formats - 

  • JPEG - (.jpg file extension )
  • PNG - ( .png file extension )

Please be aware that image quality may vary after listing according to the potential buyers choice of device e.g. mobile, tablet, laptop or PC. 

If you have any queries regarding the above, please email us at