We aim to work with established and upcoming artists across all genre, media and styles. All we ask is that you submit your work for consideration before we add you to our online art gallery.

Is there an age limit?

So long as you're over 18 years old you can apply to sell your artwork through our online art gallery.

Can I sell artworks on behalf of someone else?

No. Artbaazar's current focus is on representing independent artists online in order to promote and sell their unique artwork. Whereas, we try to be as flexible as possible, our goal is to connect the artist and art collector online.

Are you open to applications from all countries?

Yes. You can sell your artworks from any location globally. However, you are personally responsible to work in line with any rules, regulations or regional laws regarding tax regulations, payments and shipping.  



Many artists struggle when it comes to setting a price for their work. Unless already dictated by success in the market it can be difficult to ensure that you get a price that mirrors your skills and efforts. Leaving you in a position where you may undervalue your work or price yourself out of the art buying market.

Below is an example of a basic pricing strategy to help you get started. However, we do suggest that you invest some time in getting to understand the online art market and how it works before deciding on a pricing strategy that is right for your needs.

Basic pricing strategy:

  • Decide on an acceptable hourly rate
  • Multiply this by the hours you spent creating the artwork
  • Add costs for materials on top e.g. paints, brushes, canvases etc

For example, if you decided on €20 as your hourly rate and spent 25 hours creating your piece, the materials for which cost €100, your calculation would look like this:

  • 25 hours x €20 hourly rate = €500
  • Material costs = €100
  • Artwork price = €500 + €100 = €600

The Art Market:

As mentioned above, it is important to price your artworks on its own merit, however, it is also wise to take into consideration the conditions of the art market when settling on a value for your artwork.  

Try and pay visits to art exhibitions, art galleries, as well as online art portfolios and online art platforms, such as artbaazar, when considering the pricing of your artworks. Keep your eyes open for artists that are similar to you in style and medium, whilst also paying attention to size and the quality of work.

It helps to take a broad view when comparing the market, because if you take a wider perspective you should also start to get a sense of what the art buying public are willing to pay for art. Do not be afraid to ask others for their opinions, of course, it is always best to ask someone who will take an objective stance when it comes to pricing rather than someone who is afraid of bruising your ego.

Other factors to consider:

  • Previous sales success and exhibition experience
  • Art related education – although this can be overlooked to some degree if you are self-taught and exceptionally skilled.
  • You already have a track record of commercial success in the art world.
  • It helps to really pay attention to all the potential cost factors in the creation of your work, travel expenses incurred, depreciation and replacement of equipment, as well as any potential marketing costs that have accumulated along the way.
  • Time, experience and sales success will eventually meet and provide you with a pretty solid bench mark as to where your pricing strategy should sit. If sales are happening and demand is increasing for your work, feel free to increase your prices so that you can continue to take advantage of your ongoing success.
  • Once you have settled on a price for your artwork ask yourself one final question – Is the price I am asking for justifiable when it comes to explaining to a potential art buyer the breakdown of costs etc.



Yes, all artists on Artbaazar are currently responsible for the fulfilment of orders themselves.

This means that, as a seller, you are required to pay for the initial outbound shipping of any of the artwork you sell online through ArtBaazar. Please be aware that the shipping / delivery costs are added to the overall cost to the buyer and you will be reimbursed once the transaction is fully completed. We do advise that you engage with a reputable delivery company who have experience in shipping fragile packages such as works of art. Please choose a company who can give you a guaranteed rate prior to final agreement with the art buyer.



Artbaazar operates a 14 day returns policy to all customers who are not 100% satisfied with their purchase. In order to limit returns, we advise that you take the required time to ensure that you have correctly packaged your work to ensure its safe and undamaged arrival at the home of the art buyer. It is always a good exercise to take photos during the packaging process, so that if there is a dispute, at a later date, you have evidence as to the steps taken to ensure the protection of any artworks sent via a delivery agent.

At Artbaazar we offer all our art buyers a full refund on any art works that they have purchased that do not meet their expectations with regards to the way they were described through our site or if they are damaged in transit. However, they are liable for the costs of returning your work if it is simply a case of them changing their mind, we ask that they meet the same standards of packaging as that in which the artwork was originally delivered, as well as encouraging them to return the artwork via the most efficient means possible through the use of a reputable delivery agent.

However, if the artwork arrived damaged or was misrepresented on our site, the costs of the return of the artwork sits with the artist. So please ensure that accurate descriptions are provided with each of your works, as well packaging works properly before handing over to your delivery agent.


Each successful sale will lead to the artist receiving 70% of the sale price. This should lead to increased reward for you as a working artist. We believe this to be a fair return when you take into consideration the efforts we make to promote, market and sell your work as an artist. Much of this money is re-invested to ensure that we continually strive to provide a better service, create greater online visibility of your work, as well as the promotion of you as an artist through various online and social media platforms.



Firstly, to apply for Artist of the Week, you must have a minimum of 10 works available for sale / promotion through artbaazar.com

If you meet the above requirement, please send an email to artist@artbaazar.com with the following details:

  • Subject line - Artist of the Week: ['Artwork Name'] by [Artist]
  • Your name
  • The name of the piece that you would like to submit
  • A link to the art work on our online art gallery
  • A 100 word introduction, in English, about the artwork- you may want to write about the concept behind the work, what inspires you as an artist, as well as brief description as to how the work was created.

We take the following criteria into account when choosing Artist of the Week:

  • Subject Matter
  • Quality of finished work
  • Previous artistic success
  • How it may connect with our online art buying community.
  • Topical Issues

Please note that due to the number of applications we receive we cannot respond to each application individually and we will also only accept one application per artist, per week.

You will receive email notification when your work has been selected to be featured.



Artbaazar is an online art marketplace for original artworks, single edition and limited edition prints. As part of the selection process, we welcome many different types of artworks; as long as they can be categorised as one of the following:

Paintings / Drawings

  • Paintings
  • Drawings
  • Collages

Fine Art Photography

Photography can be sold as a single edition or limited edition prints

The maximum print run is 200


Only hand-made single edition or limited edition prints are allowed, including screenprints, etchings, linocuts, collagraphs, lithographs, woodcuts and mono prints.

The maximum print run is 200

Digital Art

Artworks which have been created or altered using digital technology (including digitally generated graphic art, digital collages, digitally manipulated artworks, digital collages)

Digital Art can be sold as a single edition or limited edition prints.

The maximum print run is 200