Exhibition List - Ved Nayar

Ved Nayar - Art Exhibitions
(Solo Shows & Collaborative Participation)

Ved Nayar expresses through the medium of painting, drawing, sculpture,
installation, graphic print, archival digital print, photography, computer,
limited edition books & writing

2012   ‘BCA- Berlin Art Festival’, Germany.

2011   ‘Place in the Sun’ at ‘Art select Gallery’, Jumeirah Towers hotel, Dubai.

2011   ‘Manifestation-5’, Delhi Art Gallery

2011   ‘Archival Digital Prints & Sculpture’ at ‘Vadhera Art Gallery’, New Delhi

2010   51% Contemporary Artist of India, Lalit Kala Akademi Art Gallery, New Delhi

2010   Contemporary Artist of India, PRAKRIT ARTS, Chennai

2010   India International Art Fair, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi

2010   The Living Insignia’, Gallery Ensign, New Delhi

2010   ‘Manifestation’, Delhi Art Gallery

2010   Exhibition in aid of cancer patients, Cancer Society at Cymroza art gallery, Mumbai.

2009   ‘Millionaire Homes’, Gallery Time & Space, Bangalore

2009   ‘Masters Strokes’, Gallery Beyond, Goa

2009   Ati Art Gallery, New Delhi

2009   Crimson- The Art Resource, Bangalore

2008   ‘Mystic Expression’, Fidaa Art Gallery, Singapore

2007   Group show, Gallery 7, Mumbai

2007   ‘Beyond the Horizon’, Fidaa Art Gallery, Singapore

2007   Khushii- Art Auction, New Delhi.

2007   Tahlka- Art Auction, London

2007   Exhibition in aid of cancer patients, Cancer Society, at Cymroza art gallery, Mumbai.

2006   ‘Pratham’, auction exhibition organized by Christies in London

2006   ‘Devotion’, Art Positive gallery

2006   Red Earth, Baroda- participation

2006   ‘Work on paper’, celebrating 35 years of Cymroza art gallery

2006   ‘Water’ exhibition, Sofia College, Mumbai

2006   Group Show, Art Konsult art gallery

2006   Work on paper, New York

2006   ‘Holi & Monsoon’ group shows organized by Red Earth in Delhi & Mumbai

2006   Garhi Artists, Group Show, New Delhi

2006   Harmony Show, Mumbai

2006   ‘Art Camp’organised by JW Marriot, Mumbai

2006   Online- Work on Paper show, Saffronmart, Mumbai

2006   Group Show, Art Konsult art gallery
2006   Group Show, Art Motif, New Delhi

2005   ‘Manifestations’, Delhi Art Gallery, Mumbai

2005   Group Show organized by Popular Prakashan, Anant art gallery, Delhi & Tao art                                                             gallery, Mumbai

2005   Art camp in Turkey

2005   Exhibition in aid of cancer patients, Cancer Society, Art & Soul art gallery

2005   Groups Show, Art Motif, New Delhi

2005   Art camp, Sri Lanka

2005   Exhibition in aid of cancer patients, Cancer Society, Cymroza art gallery, Mumbai.

2004   Groups show, Art Motif, New Delhi

2004   Drawing exhibition, Crimson Art gallery

2004   ‘Confluence’, art camp & exhibition, Los Angeles, USA

2004   ‘Confluence’, art camp & exhibition, New York, USA

2004   ‘Mango Tree Trunk & Naika’ at Pioneer Gallery, New Delhi

2003   Online Paper Work exhibition, Saffron Art, Mumbai

2003   ‘Archival Digital Prints’ at Dhoomimal Art Center, New Delhi

2003   ‘Archival Digital Prints’ at Crimson Art Gallery, Bangalore

2002   ‘Creating Space amidst Planets’, LKA, Garhi Artists’ Studios, New Delhi

2002   ‘Creating Space amidst Planets’, Jamaat Art Gallery, Mumbai

2001   ‘Paper- Pulp’, Gallery Fine Art, Mumbai

2001   ‘Paper- Pulp’, Gallery Espace, Delhi

2001   ‘The Miniature Format’, Santache Art Gallery, Mumbai

2000   ‘The Miniature Format’, Santache Art Gallery, Mumbai

2000   ‘Online Paper Work Exhibition’, Saffron art, Mumbai

1999   ‘Self Portrait’, Gallery Lakeeren, Mumbai

1998   Sculpture Camp, Baroda.

1998   ‘Painting on Glass’, Art Camp, Baroda.

1998   ‘Unmasking’- Conceptual self- portraits, Om Gallery, New Delhi

1998   ‘Uttarayan’_ Sculptor’s Camp, Vadodara

1998   ‘Artist’s Camp’ organised by Alembic Chemicals, Vadodara

1997   The Miniature Format Show, Santache Art Gallery, Mumbai

1997   Graphic Art Camp, J. J. College of Art, Mumbai

1997    Masanori Fukuoka’s contemporary Indian Art collection exhibition organised by the National Gallery of Modern Art in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Calcutta

1997   Exhibition at the Gallery 88, Calcutta

1997   ‘50 Years of Indian Independence, organised by Vadehra Art Gallery at the National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi

1997   ‘The Looking Glass-Self’ at Lakeeren Art Gallery, Mumbai

1997   Major trends in contemporary Indian Art after Independence, the exhibition organised by the Lalit Kala Akademi

1997   ‘Recent Paintings’ at the Kal Art Gallery, San Francisco, USA

1996   ‘The Miniature Format’, Santache Art Gallery, Mumbai.

1996   Paintings & Installations at Art Today, New Delhi.

1995   International Installation Workshop and Exhibition on Art & Ecology, Max Mueller Bhavan, New Delhi

1994   Paintings in Weaving’- Artist Studio Gallery, New Delhi

1993   An installation `Mankind 2193 - Despair & Hope of Kalpavriksha’ in the 8th Triennale- India

1993   Helped to conceptualize, design and edit the book on Contemporary Indian Art published by Masanori Fukuoka

1993   Contemporary Indian Art, an exhibition organised by Masanori Fukuoka in Yokohama, Japan

1993   Exhibition organised by the Faculty of Fine Arts, Baroda for the cause of Maharashtra Earthquake

1993   More than a decade ago, the Artist’s Choice’; exhibition organised by the Display Gallery, New Delhi

1993   Exhibition organised by ‘CRY’ at Maurya Sheraton, New Delhi

1993   ‘Wounds’ exhibition organised by CIMA at the National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi

1993   Exhibition of Drawings; Sakshi Art Gallery, Mumbai

1993   Exhibition of sculptures ‘Heads’ at Sakshi Art Gallery Mumbai, Madras and Bangalore

1992   Exhibition of paintings ‘Mankind and Godkind’ at Artist Studio Gallery, New Delhi

1992   Display of installation `Mankind 2192 - Despair and Hope of Kalpavriksha’ at Max Mueller Bhawan, New Delhi

1992   To Encounter others’; An international exhibition of contemporary art at Kassell / Hann Munden, Germany which coincided with Documenta IX. Contributed an installation, `Mankind 2192 - Despair and Hope of Kalpavriksha’

1992   ‘The Expressive Line’- Art Age presentation, Calcutta

1992   Indian Artists in Dhaka

1991   Retrospective exhibition of drawings from 1979 to 1989 at Artist Studio Gallery, New Delhi

1991   Group Show Kunsthalle Maine, Maine, Germany

1991   Exhibition and Art Auction organised by Helpage India at Jehangir Art Gallery and conducted by Asprey, London

1991   Exhibition `Year of Girl Child’ organised by Shruti, in Maurya Sheraton Hotel, New Delhi

1991   Exhibition of ‘Terracotta Sculptures’ at the Artist Studio Gallery as complimentary activity to the ‘Colours of the Earth’ organised by the British Council

1990   9th International Exhibition of Graphic Art at Frenchen, Germany

1990   A group show along with Gogi Saroj Pal- Artist Studio Gallery, New Delhi

1990   Exhibition on the occasion of the visit of Nelson Mandela at the Little Theater Group Art Gallery, New Delhi

1990   Exhibition of National Award winning works, Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi
1990   Exhibition of ‘Self-Portraits’, Chemould Art Gallery, Mumbai

1990   Exhibition at Kala Yatra, Bangalore
1990   Conceptual Self-portraits’, at Artist Studio Gallery, New Delhi

1989   Exhibition of Self -Portraits, Village Gallery, New Delhi

1989   Exhibition of Drawings, Paintings & Sculptures at Village Gallery, New Delhi

1989   Exhibition of Artists from Delhi, Sakshi Art Gallery, Madras

1989   Exhibition of Contemporary Drawings, CMC Art Gallery, New Delhi

1988   Exhibition of drawings and graphic prints, `Nairang’ Gallery, Lahore

1988   Exhibition of drawings and graphic prints, ‘Interior Gallery’ Islamabad

1988   Designed environmental & communication graphics for World Philately Exhibition, New Delhi

1988   Designed Citation Trophy for Jawaharlal Nehru Award for International Understanding-presented to Secretary General of United Nations

1988   Work on Paper’ – Exhibition of graphic prints of Indian Artists, Frankfurt, Germany

1987   Exhibition of Serigraph Prints - ‘Drawings for Sculpture’ at Triveni Art Gallery, New Delhi

1984   Commissioner, Indian Contemporary Art Exhibition, Algiers
1983   Exhibition of Works of the `Karu’ group of artists at Baradari, Garhi studios, New Delhi

1983   Invited sculptor for participation in the National Exhibition, Lalit Kala Akademi

1983   Contemporary Indian Sculpture, an exhibition organised by Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai

1982   Contemporary Indian Art Exhibition organised as part of Festival of India, London

1982   Designed a bas-relief reposee mural in copper 6m x 10 m for the lounge ceiling in Surya Sofital Hotel, New Delhi

1982   Commendation certificate for `Installation” Mankind 2110 (an Alternative) and Mankind 2110 (The Second Alternative) - Fifth Triennale India

1981   National Award for sculpture `Mankind - 2101’, Lalit Kala Akademi

1981   Poster Art Camp, Lalit Kala Akademi, Garhi Studios, New Delhi.

1981   International Exhibition of Small Sculptures, Budapest

1979   ‘Small Format Sculptures’ - Lalit Kala Akademi’s Silver Jubilee celebrations exhibition, New Delhi- Mumbai

1978   ‘Pictorial Space’ - an exhibition organised by Lalit Kala Akademi

1977 to 82   Worked as Chief of Design Division, Trade Fair Authority of India. Designed many Exhibitions in India & abroad

1976   Exhibition of ‘Hard Edge’ paintings at Kumar Art Gallery, New Delhi

1975   Invited participation in Third Triennale – India

1970   Member of the Exhibition Design Team for India Pavilion, EXPO`70’ Osaka, Japan

1961   Exhibition of the `Unknown’, New Delhi

1960   Exhibition of the `Unknown’ - a group of young painters & sculptors.

1958   Nine Painters’ exhibition, New Delhi

1957   National Exhibition, Lalit Kala Akademi, Jaipur House, New Delhi


1957   National Diploma in Fine Arts. College of Art, Delhi

1952   B.A., St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University.

1933   Born in Lyallpur (Now Faisalabad in Pakistan)