Exhibition List - Safir (Dorina Maria Pantea)

Solo Exhibitions

2018 - Exhibition of paintings, entitled "Angeli et Demoni", at Museum of dacian
and roman civilization, Deva.

2018 - Exhibition of objects "Anything can Glow" from ArtZept 2018 Zepter
International Design Contest, Italy, exhibited in a traveling exhibition organized by
Zepter International; Link: http://www.artzept.com/page/gallery/list-of-artists-2018/dorina-maria.aspx

2017 - Exhibition of paintings, entitled "In Nomine dei summi viri", at Museum of
dacian and roman civilization, Deva.

2016 - Personal painting exhibition entitled „In Mundi Vanitas” at the Museum of Dacian and Roman Civilisation, Magna Curia Palace, Deva, Romania;

2015 - Personal Exhibition „The Fallen Angels”, Culturalspot.org , online exhibition, https://safir-and-rifas-art.culturalspot.org/exhibit/the-fallen-angels/lwLCOa9ks-d8Lw

2014 – Personal Exhibition „ANIMA”,Culturalspot.org , online exhibition

2011 - Personal Exhibition "Rock Memorandum" Cultural Center "Habitus", Sibiu,
Artmania International Festival ;

2008 - Personal Exhibition entitled "Slices of Life" Art Theatre, Deva;

2008 - Personal Exhibition of drawings entitled "Nocturne Sketches" at the House of Culture, Deva;

2007 - Personal exhibition of painting entitled "In Joy & Sorrow" at "Rock, Jazz &
Blues", Deva;

2007 - Personal Exhibition of paintings entitled "Death Embrace" at "Rock, Jazz &
Blues", Deva;

2006 - Personal Exhibition of paintings entitled "In Joy & Sorrow" at "Jazz", Cluj-

2006 - Personal exhibition of drawings of portraits entitled "Expressive" at "Rock,
Jazz & Blues", Deva;

Group Exhibitions

2015 - Participation with the painting “Dark Reflections” at the International
collective Exhibition organized by See.me Comunity, at LouvreMuseum, Paris, France;

2015 - Participation at the collective painting exhibition „ Luna Florilor”,at Elite Art Gallery, Bucureşti;

2013 - Worldwide Collective exhibition "The Story of the
Creation" in New York City; http://www.see.me/blog/see-exhibition-space/

2013 - Collective exhibition on the occasion of "Royal Day", Western University and the Faculty of Arts and Design, Timisoara;

2013 - Anniversary Art Exhibition on the occasion "University Day" at Western
University, Timisoara;

2012 - Exhibition "Salon of Young Artists", 2nd edition, "Modernity,Innovation,
Experiment", at the University Library BCUT Hall and Gallery Pygmalion , Timisoara.

2011-2012 - Exhibition of objects and layouts ArtZept 2011, Zepter International
Design Contest,"Box for everything and for nothing" project exhibited in a traveling exhibition organized by Zepter International,Italy;

2011 - The MA painting exhibition , Class of 2011, at the Faculty of Arts and Design, U.V.T., Timisoara;

2011 - Exhibition "Im Kontext" - Hans Schnell Internationale Kunst der Gegenwart, Austria, alongside famous artists such as Josef Beuys, HANS SCHNELL, PAUL SCHNEIDER, EMIL SCHUMACHER etc.

2010 - The First Year MA Students Exhibition of painting,"Entropy Need" at Pygmalion Gallery of Art House, Timisoara;

2010 - Exhibition "Open Gallery", with the painting "Metamorphosis" at the Art Center Gallery "Forma", Deva;

2010 - Group Exhibition of Timisoara Western University students with the
painting,"Death Embrace" Arad;

2010 - Group exhibition "City Days", with the painting "Sunset Boulevard", Campina;

2009 - Group exhibition of the University of Art and Design Graduates,Painting
Department, Class of 2009 with the series of painting, entitled, "The Fall of Adam" at the Expo Transilvania Center, Cluj-Napoca;

2009 - Group exhibition,"Visual Arts Salon" with the painting, "Metamorphosis" Art
Museum, Timisoara;

2006 - Group exhibition of Fine Arts and Music High School "Sigismund Toduta"
Graduates with graphic illustrations for the book: "Adam and Eve" by Liviu Rebreanu the Certificate entitled "Adam and Eve" at the Art Center Gallery "Forma", Deva;