Exhibition List - Rodrigue Vanhoutte

Selected Exhibitions:

2016 Art Space Gallery, Brussels, Belgium.

2014 Galeria Cartel, Grenada, Spain

2012 Ayuntamiento Castilléjar, Spain. Gato Galeria, Granada, Spain.

2011 Guest of honor on the anniversary of the Institute St Luc of Liège.

2008 Works on the piece "Marat-Sade" by Peter Weiss, Armado Paris Theatre.

2006 Art-Shock Gallery, Belgium. Art-Shock Gallery, Amsterdam, Holland.

2005 Art-Shock Gallery, Belgium. Art-Shock Gallery, Amsterdam, Holland.

2004 Tempel Protestant Lambert the Stutterer, Belgium.

2003 "Megalopaul", Art-Home Gallery, Belgium.

2002 Art - Home Gallery, with readings of texts of M.Rabbin.

2001 Art - Home Gallery, exhibition of self-portraits & solo concert with saxophonist Arthur Blyte.

2000 Abbey of Val-St-Lambert, opening of the newly restored Chapter Hall.

1999 Abbey of Val-St-Lambert, Belgium.

1994 University Sart Tilman, Belgium.

1993 Gallery St Luc, Liège, Belgium.

1992 Ateliege Gallery, Liège, Belgium

What the critcis say - 

“Rodrigue Vanhoutte is an artist who wants to go beyond the image. Dissolves it to achieve the purpose of any creator: the sacred. The body is the receptacle of the world. The artist bare it for disembodied it. He touches on the deepest of the sensitive by constant control of the material.” - F.Speranza

"Of course, in the presence of such an artist, we can just talk of his character, he can have bad, his theatrics when he addresses the history and especially that of Art, his intransigence that of some deem excessive (what he likes to) answer that "the remedy must be commensurate with the poison"); his hatred of the 'Art scene', his sickly towards success distrust, his anger Homeric against 'false artists', 'new false prophets", policies, the"illegitimate success hollow” thinkers, the stupidity... and to tell the truth the human in general. Solitaire, big mouth, big shy, with a rough humor and rotten culture, the man is certainly picturesque and has an unusual charisma. Those great anxieties or the dark Mystics of the past.

Or we can talk about this way of its own, and that makes him decide never to use gum... or these "crises" which is such a Goya or a Staël, rhythm of a life lived at full speed, and forced him to reinvent himself permanently (...)

You can see "the attitudes of a strange man who double the mystery of the strangeness of his art.

But also and above all, according to the sentence of A. Catherine, "the symptoms of an admirable artistic posture in the middle of poses and tartufferies. What is more, a cheeky and sometimes inadmissible quest: the truth. » (...) - G.Autin