Exhibition List - Min Zou

2019, Won the excellence award of "independent character nomination exhibition", Beijing

2019, the first excellent works exhibition of singned artist of Jiali culture, Beijing

2018,35x35 art project - Copelouzos Family Art Museum, Greece

2018, " meticulous" Sunshine international small and micro exhibition, Sunshine international gallery, Beijing

2018, the Paris agency (SINGULART) set up an official website for me to collaborate

2018,the exhibition of "landscape with stories", Nanjing University of the Arts

2018, oil painting works were selected into People's Daily - people's painting program

2018, PARALLAX ART FAIR London February 2018, Kensington Town Hall, London

2018, the first day of the new year, the oil painting was recommended by Saatchiart.

2017, the fourth great exhibition of outstanding art works in the left West right east of Chinese and American, Shanghai

2017, the painting and calligraphy exhibition of the second Confucius Cultural Festival, QuFuYan mansion, Shandong

2017, the new summer art festival in Lake Villa, Suzhou industrial park, Suzhou

2017, Lake100 national new artists invitational exhibition, Nanjing art100 art space

2017, art Nanjing Expo, 100 Lake, Nanjing

2017, "Fragrant Bud" Contemporary Chinese women's art exhibition, Beijing

2016, INTELLECTUAL: visual consumption - third 2016 Nanjing International Art Fair parallel Exhibition,100 Lake, Nanjing

2016, the first quarter of Chinese metaphysical Institute of contemporary art exhibition of Sunshine International Art Museum, Beijing

2016, Whiplash! The light echoes of ten anniversary artists group exhibition, “SURGE Art”, Beijing

2016, Art of Nanjing, signed artists joint exhibition of 100 lakes, Nanjing

2016, 38 women's day art exhibition in Guozhong Museum,Beijing

2015, Christmas “spiritual art” Exhibition, Sunshine International Gallery, Beijing

2015,“Abstract August” Saatchi art

2015, “Things” and “Material” oil painting exhibition, Art Deco space, 798 Art District, Beijing

2015, Margaret Doll Fashion Art Exhibition,won the art leap award

2015, “Dark Float” Nanjing International Art Exhibition, Phoenix Mountain Art Museum, Nanjing

2015, Dan traces – Nanjing International Art Exhibition, Phoenix Mountain Art Museum, Nanjing

2014, “Having an affair with the times”, United Artists Exhibition, Beijing

2014, “Dreamers – Youth Art Exhibition”, Changsha US House Art Gallery

2014, The 17th Beijing Art Fair, Beijing

2014, China International Gallery Art Fair, Jinan International Convention and Exhibition Center, Jinan

2013,International Art Exhibition, Shandong

2013, Artbarcs (The codes of American Art) and the American Amazon cooperation projects.

2012, The second session of the “China mood” painting, oil painting Artists Exhibition, Quintessence, Beijing

2012, Artbarcs (Art Code) global project