Curriculum Vitae and Exhibition List of Sergii Chaika

Born 1978 in Ternopil, Ukraine.

Currently, postgraduate doctoral studies ( PhD) at Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Poland. Lives and works in Krakow and Ternopil


1996 - 2001 - Faculty of Graphic Design, College of Fine Arts in Uzhgorod, Ukraine

2002 - 2004 - Faculty of Painting, Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Poland


2018 Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Award


2020 - The Alive and the Dead, Szara Kamienica gallery, Krakow, Poland

2018 - Socialist culture, Karas gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine

2018 - Landscapes new works & Masks, J. J. Heckenhauer gallery, Munich, Germany

2015 - Masks, Karas gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine

2013 - War and Peace ,Karas gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine

2010 - Widokówki, BWA Olkusz, Poland (catalogue)

2009 - Previous work, Triumph gallery, Moscow, Russia (catalogue)

2008 - Iternal flame, Triumph gallery, Moscow, Russia (catalogue)

2006 - Pushkin, Yakut gallery, Moscow, Russia

2005 - Postcards, Otwarta Pracownia gallery, Krakow, Poland

2004 - Independence Day, Atelier Karas gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine

2003 - CO2, Atelier Karas gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine

2002 - Flyaki, Dzyga gallery, Lviv, Ukraine (catalogue)


2019 - The Art of Sticking one’s Tongue out, COPERNICUS FESTIVAL, Tytano Foundation, Krakow, Poland

2018 - Doktorant/ka na 200!, Galeria "Akademia w Bronowicach", Krakow, Poland (2nd Prize)

2018 - Ukrainian Still Life, Modern Art Research Institute of the National Academy of Arts, Kyiv, Ukraine

2018 - Preparing for Darkness, Kühlhaus, Berlin, Germany

2017 - Immanence, Pictura Groningen, The Netherlands

2016 - Neue Sachlichkeit, BSAgallery,Bremen, Germany

2015 - Exhibition from collection of MFMSW, The National Museum of Art, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

2014 - 12 Exhibition from collection of Małopolska Foundation for a Contemporary Art Museum, Kunsthalle Koszyce, Slovakia

2013 - New Russian Realism, Central House of Artist, Moscow, Russia

2012 - Charity Auction in support of Natalia Samkova, Guelman gallery, Moscow, Russia

2011 - Space Odyssea 2011, Arsenal, Kyiv, Ukraine (catalogue)

2010 - Duel, Ruats gallery, Moscow, Russia

2009 - Art Vilnius, LITEXPO, Vilnius, Lithuania

2008 - Moskвa, 10 artist from Moscow, Diehl gallery Berlin, Germany

2007 - Art Moscow ,Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia

2006- Russian pavilion, Yacht club Burevestnik, Moscow, Russia

2005- Reality Check, multimedia installation, Ukrainian House, Kyiv, Ukraine (catalogue)

2004- Farewell to Arms, Arsenal, Kyiv, Ukraine (catalogue)

2003- Romanticism Epoch", Palace of Arts, Lviv, Ukraine (catalogue)