Buying Art FAQ's

At ArtBaazar, our aim is to help with your purchase original and limited edition works of art created by contemporary artists from around the globe. The information on this page is designed to help you make the right decisions when it comes to purchasing artworks and using our services. Prior to using our site, please visit this page where you will find our Terms and Conditions of Use -


Below you will find useful links that should help facilitate your use of the site, simply find the link that applies to your query and click it to receive a more in-depth response -

How do I search for Artworks on the Site?

I am interested in buying a particular Artwork - what do I do next?

I have added an artwork to my cart but want to continue shopping?

How do I use a Discount Code?

What Methods of Payment does ArtBaazar Accept?

Who arranges the collection and shipping of my Artwork?

How will my Artwork be Shipped? Will I be liable to Pay Customs Duty on my Artwork?

What is your Refund Policy? What should I do if I want to Return an Artwork?

Thinking of Starting an Art Collection?

Finally, if you see an artwork you truly love but would like some further information on the work, the artist or indeed any other element that will help you make a decision, feel free to send your query to