Biography of Vladimir Fojtik

Artist Vladimir Fojtik was born in Ostrava in the Czech Republic into a creative family, with both his parents being musicians and his father an artist. This creative environment naturally led to an upbringing where engagement with the artistic seemed natural for Vladimir.

After competing his basic education Fojtik trained as a printer before going on to study music at the Conservatory in Pilsen, Czech Republic. Vladimir has always had an internal battle between his passions for art and music. Nowadays, he manages to integrate both into his life, by day working as a music teacher in Prague and outside of his school time he continues to educate himself in art and paint.

Fojtik is inspired by free flowing elements that exist in his abstract paintings, where the use of colour and shapes remain unhindered. Whereas, abstraction is an artistic pursuit he greatly enjoys, he does not rule out the possibilities of returning to realist painting in the future. He work has been displayed in various exhibitions in Prague and Liberec in 2015 & 2016.