Biography of Shiv Kumar Soni

Shiv Kumar Soni was born in 1992 at Bidasar, Churu (Rajasthan) & moved to Jaipur in 2007 where he studied for his Bachelor of Visual Arts from the Rajasthan School of Arts in Jaipur, India.

With a natural desire to learn and expand his artistic boundaries Shiv visited nearly all the exhibitions at the Jawahar Kala Kendra Arts Centre in Jaipur. During his studies Shiv began exhibiting his artwork taking part in group shows and art competitions including his final year group exhibition at the Rajasthan School of Arts and held his first solo show, 'The Childhood', in 2015.

In his paintings he often shows the things which formed his childhood experiences. Growing up he was surrounded by colour in the form of kites, birds, balloons, toys, hats and playing in the rainy weather of the monsoon seasons. The essence of childhood still remains close to his heart, not only as a symbol of childhood innocence but also as a representation of unlimited imagination. 

Outside of the above Shiv continues to develop his landscape painting skills in watercolours. By his own admission this is an ongoing process of action, errors and learning. Always striving for the best possible results, he sees it as an avenue towards his personal long term development as an artist.