Biography of Sandeep Rawal

Sandeep Rawal is a self-taught artist who was born into a simple family in Mumbai in 1983. His passion for art was evident from a young age and by the time he was five years old he had drawn his first pencil artwork depicting the Goddess Lakshmi.

Since then his career has progressed to the point where Sandeep has given 87 live demonstrations in schools, art colleges and institutes all over India. Sandeep believes that by these demonstrations have not only helped with the development of his own art but also in reaching out to people and helping them both learn and engage with their creative spirit as a result.

His creativity spans a variety of artistic categories and styles, always colourful he is working mainly in the Abstract, Contemporary, Figurative, Portraiture and Realistic forms. Art is the mainstay of Sandeep's life. For him developing art is like doing meditation, in that he finds both an inner peace and an inner happiness as a result of his creative endeavours. He views art as a window from which he can express his feelings, encompassing everything from the reaction of his senses, his inner music, devotion, spiritual expression and theories to humanist and revolutionary ideas and more. He feels fortunate to be have connected with his unlimited imagination and believes that everything is possible on a creative level.