Biography of Metin Yasarturk

Metin Yasarturk was born in Antalya, Turkey, in 1946 and spent most of his career working for the Izmir Municiple Government within their Tourism Faculty. His passion for art was put aside due to the economic constraints of the time and the need to support his family. However, during this time Metin fed his passion for art through the reading and collecting of books about the great masters and studying their works. Working from his home studio, at the age of fifty Metin began to develop his artistic skills in a completely self taught environment.

"If you listen to the violin, piano or saxophone everyday, someday you may be inspired to play like the great John Coltrane, and the same was very true with my art. By immersing myself and studying the works of others, I kept the fire burning within, until such a time as I was able to sit in front of the easel and create my own art works and personal style"