Biography of Kasia Pabisiak-Hartmann

Kasia Pabisiak-Hartmann was born in Krakow, Poland, to parents who were both well-known artists. Surrounded by paintings, sculptures and art books since she was a child, she developed a genuine passion for art. Having completed her tertiary studies at the Jagiellonian University, in her home town of Krakow, she embarked on full time art exploratory voyage. Pabisiak-Hartmann co-operated in the reconstruction and restoration of ancient paintings for several Polish institutions.

She has completed commissions for the Foundation for the Restoration of the "Royal Castle of Wawel" and painted portraits for numerous private and public clients. Nearly 20 years ago she moved to Australia where she has been living with her husband, Cyril.

Over the years Pabisiak-Hartmann has come to a close and very personal contact with different types of art. Kasia studied old masters, their techniques and objectives. She examined and tried to personalise many modern artistic philosophies and theories. She worked hard to merge her knowledge and experience into pieces that represent her creative exploration and beliefs and define her as an artist.

Pabisiak-Hartmann exhibited a number of times in her home town of Krakow and participated in numerous local and international exhibitions. Her artwork sold in the USA, UK, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Switzerland and Australia. She has participated in a number of exhibitions in Queensland, winning prizes in painting and drawing categories.