Biography of Jon Mora

Jon Franciso Mora was born in Geneva, Switzerland, of Catalan Spanish descent. His Mother, Teresa Mora Villascuesa, is an international singer and composer. Jon started painting at the age of three with artist Maria Rodriguez in Barcelona Spain and continued to take art lessons as a child. His style of painting was more subjective in his early period.

Jon's maternal grandmother was Felipa Cusie “Blanquita Suarez”, a Catalan singer and comedienne. Blanquita Suarez met Picasso on a trip from Paris to Barcelona between Christmas holidays 1916 and New Years 1917. Their meeting resulted in several sketches as well as a portrait entitled “Blanquita Suarez”. This painting and the sketches are housed at the Museo De Picasso in Barcelona as part of the Saatchi and Saatchi Collection. This portrait is considered to be one of Picasso's 24 masterpieces.