Biography of Joe Gallagher

Joe Gallagher is a self-taught visual artist from Tacoma, WA.

Currently working in Brooklyn, NY, his work involves his interpretation of dreams, daily interactions with people, diversity, and beautiful scenery around the world. Over the years, Joe created original cartoon characters and other pictures on large poster boards, which eventually led him to his passion of painting.

His contemporary style includes bright, graphic-style characters with vibrant colouring. Their large eyes and other features are often entwined and tangled, representing people who live together in different settings.

Through its comical expression, the work wisely speaks to the meaning of human relationships. The overlapping faces represent the people that come and go in our lives, some taking priority, while others fade into the background. No one character is alike, but they all occupy the same space and time. Whether we notice it or not, we are all interconnected, and the people that surround us affect the direction of our lives.