Biography of Jean-Yves Drouineau

Jean-Yves Drouineau was born in Royan, France in 1962, He has raised in a small village within the Cognac area. When he was young he started to make sculptures using vines as well as painting. Growing up he studied science and later on literature and arts.

Around 20 years old he got in to screenwriting and movie direction but the painting was the most important. At the age of 29 he moved to Mexico where he still lived. For his 10th anniversary in Mexico he has had a retrospective exhibition in the Modern Art Museum in Mexico's state. Through numerous individual and collective exhibitions he has reached high recognition as well as several pieces in different Mexican museums.

After being figurative (flowers and seascapes) he has turned into abstraction, based on philosophy and Cézanne's sentence: «When color has its richness, form has its fullness.