Biography of Ivan Grieve

I loved growing up in North London during the 1960s, artists and writers, musicians, dancers, composers the list is endless. Camden Town was filled with a creative energy a  fun place to live and somehow contagiously  self driven. Sledging on Primrose Hill, the laughter rolled around the hill. Rowing on the canal down by Dingwalls and walking along Inverness Market, with the loud voices, the colours, the smell of fruits, they still make me smile.

My own family had its fair share of Artists and Bohemianism it included Suffragettes too. I imagine some of this still permeates in my soul. Human observation and being a collector of eclectic things, contribute to my work.

It is more than collecting of physical items, the wandering around a subject, exploring the tactile qualities. A thousands images, textures, smells and sounds burst into my head. The cacophony seeks order in my mind. At times these are all over-laid or filed away somewhere for future reference, other times, I start work impulsively and quickly. .the excitement of  running along past railings with a stick, or stamping in a puddle as a child, I attach great emotion to the tactile quality of a subject.