Biography of Inov Fauzi

Inov Fauzi is an Indonesian artist who lives in the outskirts of its capital city, Jakarta, with his wife and a number of cats. He was a late starter. That is, he only started to engage fully with his art more seriously and intensely at the age of 45 - when he finally gave himself the license to break away from that social construct; that a decent living comes from having 'a proper' full-time job', not making art.

Inov started working on his first body of work in September 2018 within the medium of Collage, with which - along with Assemblage - he had a recurring interaction through years of exploring different art forms. The idea of working with the constraints of manipulating existing materials seems to appeal to him. It is therefore his current medium of preference, although there is always room for change and/or development in times to come.