Biography of Ilko Nikolov

My name is Ilko Nikolov and I was born in Bulgaria in 1972. Since 2008 my family and I have lived in London, UK. I was introduced to art at the very early age of 6, and since then painting and drawing has always been my passion and joy. At college, I studied drawing for two years. Unfortunately, my professional path is not as an artist. But in the last ten years from a hobby, art became a passion and dedication, a constant pursuit for perfection.

I am a big fan of classical way of painting and drawing, and I am trying to reach the skills of the old masters and academic painters. At the same time, I admire digital art and its possibilities. Wherever I go, I bring art along with me and try to push myself to delve deeper into the study of the human condition – what makes people who they are.

Much like a stool, art has three legs: knowledge, practice and passion. Being in my art studio is a priceless time: my own personal world where I get to highlight nature and people in a way words often cannot. I aim to immortalise and bring attention to this whole universe of emotions and colours and feelings which go unnoticed.

A lot of my work is sourced around the beautiful nature of the human body. It is something that everybody is so familiar with, which gives me all the more inspiration to do it just. I believe that art is a skill. A skill which may take years to master but only seconds to fall in love with. Anybody can start on this journey with the right set of mind and dedication.