Biography of Frank TS Tan

Frank Ts Tan born in 1970, an oil painter from Malaysia and earned a Bachelor Degree of Fine Art back in 1995 from the National Taiwan Normal University where he majored in Oil Painting & Watercolour. After graduation he began practising and teaching art in his studio, whilst also lecturing in art colleges for about 8 eight years.

"When you get closer to a forest, light and shadow casting out the shape of the trees, the leaves and branches crossing between each other, is hard to identify who is whom, an image that is combined with abstract and real appears in our mind," Frank's artwork shares that image with you.

"Through the extracting and the reinforcing from nature, I reintegrated the image that I saw and painted it."

The real world is full of information and messages, Frank picks out the parts he's inspirited by and visualizes the image through his painting.