Biography of Erin Nicholls

In 2016, Erin Nicholls completed her Bachelor of Arts Degree at Griffith University, Australia, majoring in Art History. In December 2016 she took part in a group exhibition with RAW artists in Brisbane, which featured her "A Year in Japan" series.

Nicholls has always been led by her artistic nature‚ and has studied a number of creative subjects such as Ceramics‚ Metalsmithing & Fine Arts. Nicholls spent time in 2003 living in Florence, Italy, where she had lessons in the Old Masters' oil painting techniques from a Master Art Restorer.

She grew up in countryside Victoria and since leaving home at 18 she has travelled extensively, living in a number of different cities and countries, all the while developing her art whilst soaking up new cultures.

Overtime Nicholls' style of art has moved from oil paintings to marker and pencil illustrations. Nicholls' works are realistic scenes created in her own unique style which is reminiscent of Studio Ghibli animation as well as traditional Japanese woodblock prints.